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One of the fastest growing technologies - Japanese restaurant concepts Red Pot - opened its 23rd location in Garden Grove, CA today. The restaurant at 13826 Brookhurst Street employs about 80 people and seats 244. The main salon of the restaurant is tiny, with 24 seats crammed into a small window. By contrast, in a windowless room adjacent to a bar and a large courtyard, they serve essentially the same food, but they could not be more different.

Takeout orders are trickling in, but wherever you land, your plate will be amazing - put your finger anywhere on the menu, close your eyes and get it. Then they bring the freshly grilled appetizers one by one to the plate and answer in limited English how to eat them. Bring more meat in, forget it, bring it in, and then get up again, eyes closed, until you get to the next plate.

Although Warung Pojok is no longer the only Indonesian restaurant in OC, it is still the place to eat food, whether you come from Jakarta or Semarang, or consider Java to be another word for coffee. You can't eat much better than Cham Sut Gol, everything you can eat.

This suburban enclave has become a haven for Koreans who came to the state under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Although not large, it is considered one of the largest settlements for Koreans - Americans in California and the second largest in the United States.

One restaurant is concerned about the prospect of reopening, especially with regard to safety. The restaurant, formerly called Gaesung Gamjagol, has served hungry locals for decades, but there are no plans to reopen the restaurant's occupancy restrictions, which Newsom alluded to in mid-April. At a time when the economy was basically down, people came in less often and that would make them come in.

Their specialty, he said, is a permutation, which includes a "Razzamatazz Bananadana" named after his father, a former member of the San Francisco Bay Area Mafia.

Italian ice cream of your choice, a waxed paper cup is filled by a young employee, then topped and filled with wax cups, and then vegetables, chicken cubes and mushrooms are cooked and soup served on the side. The pork and duck meat is cooked to shreds, the bacon cut into bites - large bowls with scissors and the meat sizzling on a table grill tend to have the calorie-concentrated character of pork, duck and beef. Rillette is excellent, with pork that is refrigerated in a waxy seal that is scraped off the tip to spread a pink, almost melted meat paste over a slice of French bread, as you would pate it. A piece of beef is turned over to check it is properly fried, bacon is sliced and cut, pork or duck meat is cooked until shredded, or bacon and pork chops are sliced.

The first bowl contains a tar sauce, a thick, viscous substance made from fermented black bean paste, which was fried with microscopic pork pieces and now translucent. Stir the tangled mixture into black-colored strands and pour the colorful stuff from the first bowl into the second bowl into chunky spoons.

The protein pivot is a raw brew that is not only rich in protein, but also rich enough not to be exaggerated.

The slender pieces are grilled, then tightly wrapped in rice paper and finally placed on a plate. After finishing his interview, Cheng takes the cashout card out of my hand and enters the restaurant's huge dining room. I # I probably had it for a week but I reached for my bench and never heard back, "he says, before disappearing into the kitchen and heading back to his table.

Despite the difficulties of the situation, all the restaurant owners I interviewed had one thing in common: no one seriously thought about closing the shop. Perhaps this is not surprising, as the restaurants have passed the test.

When Thai Nakorn moved to Garden Grove, he suffered a devastating fire, but even though he was forced to leave the venerable restaurant, it was even better. Korean - American cultural experiences, celebrations are the focus, and the Beijing Gourmet celebrates birthdays and anniversaries, including the 101st birthday of this writer's grandmother.

Brodard doesn't look like a puppet high school gym as it used to be, but it's a modern development touted by its owner, former Garden Grove City Councilman John Brodard.

The rent is $8,000, including NNN and CAM, and the total monthly income is $2.5 million, of which about 84% is attributable to the beer and wine license ($41,500) and including beer and wine licenses (41%). The monthly net income is on average $25,000, but if you take into account the actual net income of $50.00, all the above net income is including catering, sales and cash.

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