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Garden Grove is located in the heart of Orange County, California and has a half - jokingly nickname: "Garden Grove Animal Shelter." Getting a dog out of the shelter is a common thought in the area, so the Orange County shelter is located in an area known for the number of interstate highways that converge there.

While the city prides itself on being just a few blocks south of Disneyland, the rest of Garden Grove has degenerated into an almost - but not quite - slum, almost not quite slums. It seems like something else that is only tangentially related to Garden Grove, but it's still a pretty cool place.

The restaurant is home to Azteca, a restaurant known for its Elvis-like atmosphere - themed with film posters and photo memorabilia on the walls and ceiling. Next door is Kaye's Kitchen, which will offer a special Elvis Grill menu during the festival (see purchase page for more information on what kind of music and movies they have in stock). There are a variety of Elvis items on sale, including Elvis cupcakes and Elvis ice cream, as well as an Elvis T-shirt.

If you have unwanted CDs or DVDs lying around collecting dust, call them or check their sales page. In some cases you can sell them, but be aware that there are no games to buy, so be sure to look out for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that are for sale.

You can make a donation in Carol's memory to the Garden Grove Historical Society or you can get a zoom - in conjunction with an email to caroleileen at For more information and a full schedule, visit the 20th Annual Elvis Festival page on our Facebook page, email elvisfestival @ garden or call 714-267-4657. We have more information about on-site parking, including the location of the parking garage on the corner of Main Street and El Camino Real, and invite all of our friends to join us.

If your collection is too large for you, you can visit us all over the world to buy our selection or in Garden Grove, USA. We do not list or sell our inventory on our website, as it changes greatly from day to day and changes greatly from day to day.

The event underscored Presley's love of cars, particularly Cadillacs, with the sale of a 1977 passenger car sponsored by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys. Dalmatian Lou Dog, who was often used for his sublime lyrics and still raves about them today. Here's a picture of him smelling the van, and really, do you say you lost your genius when you still play the songs from Sublime today?

With a broad musical vision cultivated during his time at Juilliard, David is committed to making King Instruments play better than anyone else and is infused with a passion for organ building that he has been playing since his first concert in New York City at the age of 16. He has given solo recitals and concerts at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, including a solo performance on the largest musical instrument ever built, the King Organ, as well as solo recitals in London, Paris, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. D.C. David has commissioned many new works, conducted a series of chamber recitals by his friends, and founded a horn organ duet with Juillsiard alumnus Trevor Nuckols.

He has also collaborated on a number of recordings, including the GRAMMY-nominated release of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and has made several recordings with the Choir of St. Tichon. Sheehan has conducted renowned vocal ensembles, conducted Rachmaninov's "All-Night Vigil" and made his debut as a solo concerto with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He also gave a series of solo recessions for the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Symphony.

He also played harmonium in Ullmann's "The Emperor of Atlantis," conducted by Keri Lynn Wilson, with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Los Angeles Symphony.

His musical contributions underpin the music of the diocesan children's choirs he accompanies and support the diverse parish community. American ensembles, led by David's wife Mary Ann and son John David Jr., and daughter-in-law Autumn Fall, have recently been hailed by critics. The group, founded in 2015, is the official choir of St. John the Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California. Patriarch, to be premiered and recorded in 2019, is the subject of a documentary film soon to be released titled "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This article was made possible in part by a scholarship from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, presented by the Church of St. John the Baptist in Los Angeles, California, and Garden Grove.

More About Garden Grove

More About Garden Grove