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The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is one of more than 40 museums in Southern California that will offer free admission on Saturday, January 25, 2020. The museum, funded by Joan Irvine Smith, features current exhibits from across California and is open to the public free of charge. Led by the Garden Grove Historical Society, visitors can plan a tour to explore the city's history, history and heritage. A dozen museums offer free admission from January 25 to 2020: The Natural History Museum of Southern California, California State University, Santa Barbara; the California Institute of Natural Sciences, San Diego; and Los Alamitos National Historical Park, New York.

The last stop on the tour is the only piece not connected to the history of Garden Grove: the Stanley Ranch Museum. One - the car garage - was in the house of Walt Disney's uncle and was the first workplace where Disney began to produce animations in 1923. Over the years, the small building has housed several garden shops, including a hair salon and a shoe repair shop. Until 1977 it was used as a beauty salon and moved to the Stanley Ranch Museum.

In addition to the Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California, is home to the Yorba Linda Museum of Art, one of the largest museums in the state of California. The local Yorbana Linda Museum also includes 5 museum rooms that cover the history of local art, architecture, art history and art in general. In 2016, Garden Grove became the site of a new museum, the California State Museum for the Arts and Humanities.

The museum is a unique walk through the past and present, based on the active duty of the county fire brigade. The village even has a fire engine, a retired fire chief and even a replica of the original Garden Grove Fire Station.

The impressive building is a replica of the train station, which was originally located on Garden Grove Boulevard. The building was built in the 1880s and served as a fire station, fire station and later as a branch of the district fire department.

In 1984, a group called Friends of Walt Disney donated the garage to the Garden Grove Historical Society. It was offered to them, who gladly accepted it, and it is still a popular building on the site.

The museum building is one of the oldest buildings in the original Irvine Ranch, built in the 1880s. The extensive grounds on which Ringling resides house a stunning Palace of Treasures, founded in 1927 by the legendary circus owner and his wife, the late Elizabeth Ringling, and her husband John and their children.

The Garden Grove Historical Society maintains a collection of more than 2,000 artifacts from the original Irvine Ranch. Enter the building through the entrance on the right side of the main entrance to the museum building. Be sure to plan a visit to the Grove Garden for a day or visit it over Memorial Day weekend and visit the Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, June 2.

The Centennial Heritage Museum, founded in 1981 as the Discovery Museum, is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Garden Grove and its residents. This special day, hosted by the SoCal Museums, is the 15th anniversary of the event and is a great opportunity for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The museum, housed in the San Joaquin Ranch House, was commissioned by James Irvine in 1868 and is considered one of the oldest of its kind in Southern California. The hotel is located on the right side of the path that Pacific Electric received in the early 20th century for running its Red Cars, and is just a few minutes "drive from Garden Grove's main shopping center. The city of Anaheim has moved Disneyland and California Adventure to a car ride, but residents need only a few minutes to enjoy the attractions of Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, both of which are close by. Due to their proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the fact that Garden Grove is located on both the south and west beaches of both cities, residents do not need to drive more than a few minutes from their home, even if they are in a city like Anaheim.

This means you can enjoy this incredible collection over and over again, and if you're more of a sports fan than an art fan, you'll visit the Ringling Museum of Art in Anaheim and the San Joaquin Ranch House in Huntington Beach. If you rent in Garden Grove and are lucky enough to stay in an apartment within walking distance of both museums and the Pacific Electric Hotel, or if your apartment is close to the Art Museum, you can enjoy the opportunity to visit one of Southern California's most popular art galleries and museums.

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