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On Tuesday, March 31, the Orange County Health Department issued an order banning all public and private gatherings until March 30 and all events on or after that date with numerous exceptions. Major events in Southern California and across the country were canceled or postponed, while businesses, malls and others were closed and many workers had to work from home. More than 1,000 events and events in California, Washington, D.C. and other parts of the United States have been canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The 5km run of the Gartenhain Partnership Association, which was planned for 23 May, was also cancelled. The Strawberry Stomp 5K is for those who want some exercise and fun. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the USA and other parts of Europe in recent years, the Horticultural Strawberry Festival Association has decided to cancel the 2020 edition.

Downtown Garden Grove, which takes place on the 27th, will be beautiful and rewarding, while you will also receive a free T-shirt and medal for finishing. The parade starts at the intersection of Euclid and Lampson, where it goes to Euclides, turns around and goes back just past Lampton, and then to the end of the road.

A few miles to the north, Buena Park offers a dip in the sun with a picnic area, picnic tables and lots of fun activities for the kids.

Celebrations include a parade full of celebrities, and highlights include acacia trees and main streets where 2,000 people are served free cakes. Numerous Garden Grove organizations, including the Miss Garden Grove Scholarship Program, participate in Memorial Day celebrations every year. This creates a communal atmosphere in the heart of an urban area and includes competitions that take place throughout the festival in the 550-seat amphitheater.

Strawberries abound at this event, and you can pick them all weekend long. There are tasty ripe strawberries served with shortcake, and delicious food served during Memorial Weekend during the event. Remember, if you need to carry out work on your Kia vehicle, please contact the Garden Grove KIA team.

As I have already mentioned, the day of remembrance is also a celebration of the great men and women who fought and served for our country. It is a great way to pay your respects and also to remember those who fought alongside you on the front line. As always, we would also like to thank all our military men and women for giving us a reason to celebrate every day.

This year's four-day festival includes the annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, a celebration of strawberries. The festivities include a procession that closes the entire festival on Saturday, July 2, from 10 a.m. to noon. The GardenGrove Strawberry Festival will be followed by fireworks on the evening of July 3 at 7.30 p.m. On all four days of the festival, music, food, crafts and entertainment are provided by local artists, traders and vendors from all over the world.

Southland, when the Southland was rocked by the 1933 Long Beach earthquake that destroyed much of the city's central business district. Many old sections and buildings in the city were destroyed, and one person was killed in a high school.

Garden Grove, named after the orange grove that once filled the air with a sweet smell, now contains only a few strawberry fields. Although more strawberries are being produced on California's central coast than ever before, as urban growth in Southern California has led to most of the crops disappearing, there are still crops where strawberries are grown.

Garden Grove joins the city's south and west beaches, so residents are just a few minutes "drive from the beaches, with Seal Beach and Huntington Beach nearby. To the east, Santa Ana and Orange provide access to a still bustling destination for locals and visitors.

Garden Grove's most popular attraction is Garden Grove Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Southern California and one of the oldest in the United States. Although it houses several buildings within the complex, including a cemetery and a mausoleum, its star is the towering prayer towers. Built for a whopping $18 million, it consists of 10,000 rectangular panes of glass attached to the structure with silicone glue.

It is a welcome addition to the community and offers a unique view of the garden grove and an insight into the history of the city and its people.

Besides the unofficial welcome in summer, the last weekend in May is the "last weekend of May." We invite you to spend a day full of fun, food, music and fun with friends and family. Whether you're planning a barbecue or some of the big events at Garden Grove, we hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! We always welcome you for the day of work, but more importantly we remember the brave servicemen and women who risked their lives to save our great country from harm.

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